Wednesday Sessions Strike a Chord

Wednesday begins with Rick Woychik presenting a special lecture entitled New Experimental Approaches for Exploring the Genetic/Epigenetic Landscape of Environmental Exposures.

The March of Dimes Symposium entitled Advances in the Genomic Sciences towards Public Understanding and Predicting Developmental Defects will begin at 8:45 am. This symposium will highlight how new and exciting technologies of genomics, epigenomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, and metabolomics can be applied to predict, identify, and further our understanding of the underlying mechanisms of developmentally-mediated disorders from the bench to the clinical setting.

The Clinical Teratology and Epidemiology platform session will feature eight presentations beginning at 8:45 am.

Another hot topic rounds out the meeting. The Public Affairs Committee Symposium entitled Diabetes and Pregnancy will be presented at 1 pm. All forms of diabetes might have a significant effect on the course of pregnancy, including specific effects on fetal growth, rate of congenital anomalies and, in addition, on the well being, growth and development later in life. It is the purpose of this symposium to address these issues and describe treatments or interventions to prevent these complications.


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