Birth Defects Research, Volume 110, Issue 5, Pages 391-461

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Birth Defects Research, Volume 110, Issue 5 Table of Contents

Research Articles

Pre‐Zika descriptive epidemiology of microcephaly in Texas, 2008–2012 (Pages 395-405)

Adrienne T. Hoyt, Mark A. Canfield, Peter H. Langlois, Dorothy K. Waller, A. J. Agopian, Charles J. Shumate, Noemi B. Hall, Lisa K. Marengo, Mary K. Ethen, and Angela E. Scheuerle 

Association between severe nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy and the risk of neural tube defects in Northern China (Pages 406-412)

Yali Zhang, Zhiwen Li, Le Zhang, Jufen Liu, Lei Jin, and Aiguo Ren

Accuracy of birth certificate head circumference measurements: Massachusetts, 2012–2013 (Pages 413-420)

Nicholas J. Somerville, Xiaoli Chen, Dominique Heinke, Sarah L. Stone, Cathleen Higgins, Susan E. Manning, Sharon Pagnano, Mahsa M. Yazdy, and Marlene Anderka 

Total prevention of folic acid‐preventable spina bifida and anencephaly would reduce child mortality in India: Implications in achieving Target 3.2 of the Sustainable Development Goals (Pages 421-428)

Vijaya Kancherla and Godfrey P. Oakley Jr. 

Maternal Chlamydia infection during pregnancy among younger mothers and risk of gastroschisis in singleton offspring (Pages 429-442)

Tessa Horslev, José N. Binongo, and Vijaya Kancherla 

Widespread dynamic and pleiotropic expression of the melanocortin‐1‐receptor (MC1R) system is conserved across chick, mouse and human embryonic development (Pages 443-455)

Anna C. Thomas, Pauline Heux, Chloe Santos, Wisenave Arulvasan, Nita Solanky, Magalie E. Carey, Dianne Gerrelli, Veronica A. Kinsler, and Heather C. Etchevers

Brief Report

Genetic susceptibility to thalidomide embryopathy in humans: Study of candidate development genes (Pages 456-461)
Julia do Amaral Gomes, Thayne Woycinck Kowalski, Lucas Rosa Fraga, Luciana Tovo‐Rodrigues, Maria Teresa Vieira Sanseverino, Lavínia Schuler‐Faccini, and Fernanda Sales Luiz Vianna
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