Birth Defects Research Volume 110, Issue 13, Pages 1049-1101 -- Special Issue: Three-Dimensional Printing to the Rescue

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Table of Contents


Introduction to a special reviews issue: Three-dimensional printing to the rescue
Deepa Prasad and Michiko Watanabe
Published online 4 August 2018

Review Articles

The role of 3D printing in treating craniomaxillofacial congenital anomalies
Christopher D. Lopez, Lukasz Witek, Andrea Torroni, Roberto L. Flores, David B. Demissie, Simon Young, Bruce N. Cronstein, and Paulo G. Coelho
Published online 20 May 2018
Applications and challenges of using 3D printed implants for the treatment of birth defects
Sameera Wickramasinghe, Monica Navarreto-Lugo, Minseon Ju, and Anna Cristina S. Samia
Published online 30 May 2018
Three-dimensional printing and virtual surgery for congenital heart procedural planning
Ryan A. Moore, Kyle W. Riggs, Soultana Kourtidou, Kristen Schneider, Nicholas Szugye, Weston Troja, Gavin DSouza, Mantosh Rattan, Roosevelt Bryant III, Michael D. Taylor, and David L.S. Morales
Published online 6 August 2018
3D printing and modeling of congenital heart defects: A technical review
Kevin Townsend and Todd Pietila
Published online 31 July 2018
Future of 3D printing: How 3D bioprinting technology can revolutionize healthcare?
Steven Morris
Published online 19 June 2018


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