Reminder: Contribute to Special Issue of BDR in Celebration of Society's 60th Anniversary - DEADLINE EXTENDED TO APRIL 10, 2020

Update: Manuscripts should be submitted through the usual BDR journal submission protocol no later than April 10, 2020.

Dear Fellow Members,

At the recent annual meeting, Michel Vekemans asked me to help to organize a special issue of the journal Birth Defects Research to commemorate our Society's 60th Anniversary which takes place in 2020. Members are invited to submit stories and photographs to highlight events that were important to you as a member.  

Your contributions would be due about four months before the annual meeting. You would upload your “manuscript” in the usual fashion on line.

If you have questions for me, this is my contact information: E-mail:; Office Tel:  617-726-1742. 

For reference, the commentary published in honor of the 50th Anniversary may be accessed here.

Current members are encouraged to share this call for submissions with individuals who were previous members.

Thank you,

Lewis B. Holmes, MD

Past President

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