Birth Defects Research Volume 111, Issue 15, Pages 1023-1140 -- Special Issue on Birth Practices

The Table of Contents for Volume 111, Issue 15 of the journal Birth Defects Research is now available. This special issue focuses on birth practices.

This special issue is freely available for a limited time (click HERE) after which Society members who have a subscription to BDR may access the full articles via the website using your member login information, by clicking HERE. Individuals without a subscription may peruse the TOC, abstracts, and any freely available papers and special issues, by visiting the journal on the Wiley website, by clicking HERE.


Introduction to the special issue on “Neonatal practices for optimal infant outcomes”

Susan M. Ludington-Hoe, Raouth R. Kostandy, and Michiko Watanabe

Published online 30 July 2019


The evolution of the science of kangaroo (mother) care (skin‐to‐skin contact)

Raouth R. Kostandy and Susan M. Ludington‐Hoe

Published online 16 August 2019

The evolution of family‐centered care: From supporting parent‐delivered interventions to a model of family integrated care

Linda S. Franckand Karel O'Brien

Published online 21 May 2019

Journey to mother baby care: Implementation of a combined care/couplet model in a Level 2 neonatal intensive care unit

Julie de Salaberry, Valoria Hait, Kimberly Thornton, Megan Bolton, Maria Abrams, Sandesh Shivananda, Maryam Kiarash, and Horacio Osiovich

Published online 27 May 2019

A standardized transfer procedure for fragile and intubated infants in the NICU

Diane Schultz, Chloe Shindruk, Shere Gigolyk, Susan M. Ludington‐Hoe, and Raouth R. Kostandy

Published online 6 June 2019

Historical background to maternal‐neonate separation and neonatal care

Nils J. Bergman

Published online 30 May 2019

Birth practices: Maternal‐neonate separation as a source of toxic stress

Nils J. Bergman

Published online 3 June 2019

Nurturescience versus neuroscience: A case for rethinking perinatal mother–infant behaviors and relationship

Nils J. Bergman, Robert J. Ludwig, Björn Westrup, and Martha G. Welch

Published online 30 May 2019

Improving neurodevelopment in infants with complex congenital heart disease

Tondi M. Harrison

Published online 17 May 2019


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