Speak out, Teratology Society members

Participate Image.pngOne of the great things about the Teratology Society is how easy it is for members to become actively involved in the Society.  The Society’s online community platform, Birth Defect Research Connection, offers members an excellent forum for that involvement – for sharing and gathering news, for discussions about science or Society business, for connecting with and learning about other members, for participating in committees.

While it’s clear that a few of you have already discovered the ability to comment on blog articles, it would be great to see in Birth Defects Research Connection more of those compelling and thoughtful opinions we are used to hearing at our annual meetings.  Check out, for instance, the article Ed Carney posted inviting our comments on Council’s 2012-2013 goals (Council Goals).  Or do you have thoughts on how to “Expand Our Reach,” “Broaden Our Identity,” or “Grow Membership” as outlined in the Strategic Plan?  Find the “Add Comment” button at the bottom of the blog articles, and let your voice be heard.

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