Monday Afternoon Sessions

Something for Everyone

Monday afternoon has something for everyone with joint sessions with NBTS and OTIS and a platform session.

A TS/NBTS session Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Patricia M. Rodier. Patricia Martin Rodier, PhD passed away in May, 2012. Dr. Rodier was a member of both TS and NBTS, who trained and collaborated with scientists from around the world. Her doctoral degree was in experimental psychology and her postdoctoral fellowship in embryology with Jan Langman. Her interest in how altering brain development affected behavior led her to become an embryologist, teratologist, and neuroanatomist. She was one of the founding members, and second president, of the Neurobehavioral Teratology Society. Dr. Rodier's research was some of the seminal work detailing how timing of exposures to a variety of different agents, such as heavy metals, anesthetics, alcohol, and hormones altered brain development and resulted in altered behavior in the offspring. Using what she knew as a neuroembryologist and behavioral teratologist, she developed the hypothesis and demonstrated that autism's origins can be caused by insults during early embryonic development. This symposium brings together former students and other scientists who have been profoundly affected by Dr. Rodier's teachings and research to discuss their research and her legacy.

TS/OTIS present the Pregnancy Registry Workshop on Pregnancy Registry Designs That Involve Multiple Drugs for Similar Indications; Advantages, Disadvantages, and Sustainable Funding Models. Speakers and abstract presenters will review the designs and lessons from ongoing multi-drug pregnancy registries for antiepileptic, atypical antipsychotic, antiretroviral, transplant, and fibromyalgia medications. Issues of models, challenges, collaborative efforts, prioritizing classes, and postmarketing trends will be explored to provide helpful lessons for considering future multi-drug and multi-site studies.

The platform session entitled Hazard Assessment, Risk Characterization, and Risk Management of Pre- and Postnatal Impacts on Development will feature five presentations and will begin at 1:45 pm. Please note that this session includes several changes in presentations.


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