How To Become A Member


Why would I want to become a Student Member of the Teratology Society?

Most students in research tend to be academically well-prepared but often have less idea of what research actually entails and where it can lead. By becoming a member of the Teratology Society, students can really get a hands-on idea of what research really is. Attending the annual meeting provides the knowledge and tools that allows students to grow intellectually and socially.

Benefits of Becoming a Student Member

  • Access to on-line login services such as job and post-doc postings, networking tips, member database available only to members
  • Student awards
  • Membership is ultra low-cost
  • Learn new skills
  • Membership looks good on the resume
  • Meet students and investigators in your field of research
  • Can join teratology society committees


How to Become a Member

Student Applications are reviewed monthly by the Membership Committee.  Complete the application and e-mail it to

Approved applicants will be billed subsequently by the Treasurer.

Student membership includes an option to subcribe to BIRTH DEFECTS RESEARCH, the official publication of the Teratology Society. (currently $65 per year)

Annual Dues Form (Student Dues: $10)

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