Sunday Sessions Kick Off with the Josef Warkany Lecture

Presentations on Sunday honor the Society's heritage and feature the scientific breakthroughs and excellence of today. Following the President’s Welcome from Dr. Elaine Francis is the Josef Warkany Lecture presented by Teratology Society past president, Thomas B. Knudsen, as he leads us on the path forward to Teratology v2.0. This lecture honors Josef Warkany, one of the Society founders, by recognizing a current scientist who has significantly contributed to the field of teratology. The journey begins at 8:15 am and is a joint session with the Neurobehavioral Teratology Society (NBTS).

Ten presentations will then be given by student and postdoctoral fellow members of the Teratology Society. The presentations will be judged for scientific quality and creativity, and two will be selected to receive a Wilson Presentation Award that includes $500. Join your colleagues and support the next generation of teratologists at 9:00 am.
The ILSI HESI Symposium examines results from a 2-year project investigating embryofetal testing in rat and rabbit for various compounds and will be discussed from an industry and regulatory perspective. The ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute’s Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology Technical Committee organized a cross-industry survey in which anonymized embryo fetal development and toxicokinetic data from several hundred preregistered and marketed drugs have been entered into an EPA ToxRefDB style database. 

A joint symposium with NBTS occurs concurrently Sunday afternoon and takes a further look at the National Children’s Study, a large national birth cohort study.

For more details about the Annual Meeting, visit the meeting website. Information about daily activities can be viewed via the Annual Meeting Blog.



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