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In order to maintain a healthy, vibrant Society and achieve the strategic goal to Grow Our Membership, we need you! Our best recruiters are our members; we need to share our passion for the Teratology Society.

There is no recruitment season; every day is a chance to introduce your colleagues to the important science from our community. There is no cookie-cutter Teratology member; we have a diverse group of clinicians and scientists in our ranks. Embrace our variety and diversity and cast your net wide. I challenge you to mention our Society to a nonmember this week. Think creatively, broadly, and inclusively.

The Membership Committee is here to help, but there is no recruitment team that can address this challenge alone. For additional support in providing information to candidates, don’t hesitate to reach out to any member of our committee (2014-2015 Chair: Kary Thompson; kary.thompson@bms.com). We will gladly assist as you need and follow up with potential recruits.

I hope after reading this post, you will ask yourself this question: WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN JOINING THE TERATOLOGY SOCIETY?  


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