SOT Offers New Food Safety Colloquia at FDA

The Society of Toxicology is pleased to announce a four-part colloquia series in food safety presented in conjunction with the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) to present scientific training that is high quality, cutting-edge, future-oriented toxicological science to provide a well-grounded, foundation to inform the work of FDA employees.

Members of the Teratology Society are welcome to attend. These sessions are open to the public to attend in person or via webcast. These colloquia are professional development opportunities with international experts to deepen knowledge of toxicology and facilitate discussion of emerging toxicology methods and are not a public forum for discussion of toxicology regulatory issues.

The first session “Complexities in Evaluating Human Clinical and Observational Data for Ingredient Safety Assessment: Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHOs) As a Case Study” will be November 7, 2014, from 8:15 am-1:00 pm in Wiley Auditorium on the CFSAN campus in College Park, Maryland. This event also is accessible by webcast.


Colloquium website

Speakers include:

  • Martijn Katan, VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Health effects of PHOs and Trans Fatty Acids: Data from Clinical Trials
  • Ingeborg Brouwer, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Epidemiological Studies on Health Effects of PHOs: Strengths and Limitations of the Available Human Data
  • Weihsueh Chiu, EPA ORD, Washington, DC, Dose-Response Assessment Approaches to the Analysis of Non-cancer Health Effects: Current Practices, Advice from the National Academies, and 2014 WHO/IPCS Guidance
  • Michael Dourson, TERA, Cincinnati, OH, Mode of Action and Dose-Response Evaluation of the Effect of Partially Hydrogenated Oils on LDL-Cholesterol

For more information see the Colloquium website or contact SOT at or 703.438.3115. Ext 1602.



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