MotherToBaby Blog: When the Sniffles Strike During Pregnancy

MotherToBaby, a service of the nonprofit Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS), is dedicated to providing evidence-based information to mothers, health care professionals, and the general public about medications and other exposures during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. 

The Teratology Society partners with the OTIS through joint sessions at our annual meetings as well as a shared interest in public health issues for expectant mothers. This includes responding to public inquiries about exposures of concern. To educate the public, the experts behind MotherToBaby have created a Baby Blog to address frequently asked questions about exposures during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  

This month's MotherToBaby Blog authored by Sonia Alvarado, Senior Teratogen Information Specialist, MotherToBaby CA, addresses concerns about cold and flu during pregnancy, including details about which cold and flu medications and home remedies are safe during pregnancy and which should be avoided.  Visit the Baby Blog article to view the details.



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