Membership Deadline Approaching – Help Spread the Word!

Next Teratology Society Membership Application Deadline - March 1, 2016 

Do you remember when you first joined the Teratology Society? What was your motivation? We urge you to rekindle that motivation and encourage others to JOIN NOW! As you know, birth defects and reproductive and developmentally-mediated disorders constitute a major public health concern in the world today. Our members strive to understand and protect against potential hazards to developing embryos, fetuses, children, and adults. In other words, our members are impacting lives…and we need more of them to join our cause!  

Please consider reaching out to your friends or colleagues who may be interested in becoming a member of the Teratology Society. The next membership application deadline is fast approaching on March 1, 2016.

Here’s what you can do:

1.  Reach out to prospective Regular, Associate or Student/Postdoc Members personally and offer to act as their sponsor during the application process. Tell them about your own experiences as a Teratology Society member.

2.  Share with them the Top 5 Reasons to join the Teratology Society below or send them the link to our Membership Brochure or Student/Postdoc Membership Flyer

3.  Encourage them to sample our journal, Birth Defects Research, via the following freely available issues/papers:

By helping the Teratology Society grow, you are ensuring its motivation continues to be a dynamic and impactful one. Thank you for furthering our mission.


Mary Hixon, PhD
Chair, Membership Committee


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