A New and Improved Teratology Society Website Home Page

New Home Page is Live!

On behalf of the Web Site Committee, I would like to invite you to visit the new home page for the Teratology Society: www.teratology.org.

Based on member and Council feedback over the last few years, we have made exciting new changes to allow for ready access to information and ease of navigation, both for member and nonmember visitors to our home page. The new changes also take into account recommendations made by the Society’s new Communications Consultant, Nicole Chavez.

Some of the changes include a definition of teratology on the main page, which will be supplemented by a rolling list of the following considerations:

  • Genetic Influences on Birth Defects
  • Environmental Exposures and Birth Defects
  • Maternal Health and Nutritional Influences on Birth Defects
  • Drugs and Birth Defects
  • Birth Defects Prevention
  • Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology
  • Exposure Type and Level during Varying Stages of Pregnancy 

Along with several new pictures, a Spotlight section will be used to showcase Teratology Society award winners, leaders, and members with ground breaking accomplishments. The News and Announcements section has been modernized and will be dynamically updated through various blogs on BDR Connection including Healthy Pregnancy, Annual Meeting Highlights, etc. And lastly, by popular demand, we now have a dynamic section for the Birth Defects Research Journals. This section will be used to post the most updated Table of Contents for each issue of the journal. It will also be updated dynamically through the blogs on BDR Connection and may also include other feature articles provided by the journal editors.

The overall look of the page has been improved to include quick links and hot buttons, with links to Teratology Society’s pages on Facebook and LinkedIn. The member-only section (BDR Connection) has been clearly identified as “member only” and hot button links have been included to our membership and volunteer pages to encourage nonmembers to enroll as members, and to encourage existing members to get involved in the Society’s activities.

We hope that you will enjoy the new user-friendly home page. If you have not had a chance to check out the Society’s mobile home page, please take a moment to review it as well by pulling up www.teratology.org on your smartphone or tablet. Thanks for all your feedback regarding the website and homepage in the past. Please continue to send in your suggestions/comments or corrections to Headquarters (tshq@teratology.org) or share them using the Comments function below. We look forward to your continued participation.

Next on the Committee’s agenda is an update to the Student & Postdoc Corner.



Pragati S. Coder
Chair, Web Site Committee

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