Would you like to dine with a Teratology Ambassdor? Deadline June 13th! Sign up now!

Dear Students and Post-Docs,

The Teratology Society has organized yet another great Student and Post-Doc event during the June 2011 Meeting.

If you would like to have breakfast with one of the invited members of the society and have an informal discussion during the Annual Meeting, now is your chance.

A small group of Students and Post-Docs (approx. 6) will be assigned to a Society Member for a fun and interesting discussion over breakfast. This program provides the opportunity for the next generation of the Society to gain valuble insight from the discussion of scientific topics and career experiences.

Students and postdoctoral fellows may sign up to participate in one of the breakfast meetings by indicating their preference on the Dine with an Ambassador Form no later than June 13. Students and postdoctoral fellows may sign up for only one breakfast meeting. Space is limited and assignments will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.

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