Welcome to the 55th Teratology Society Annual Meeting in Montreal

Thank you for attending the 55th Annual Meeting of the Teratology Society. The meeting has many exciting elements which translate into something for everyone. To help keep track of these exciting events, we will be sending you nightly reminders. These reminders will also be available as Blog articles via BDR Connection.

The Education Course on Saturday morning, Occupational and Environmental Exposures: Reproductive and Developmental Hazards in the Workplace and Home, offers a comprehensive review of occupational and environmental reproductive and developmental hazards, spanning pregnancy and early infancy. Course content will include a basic science to epidemiological overview of workplace and home-based exposures that highlights the importance of the timing and relevant levels of exposure, global regulatory guidelines and risk assessment, postnatal exposures, and how data and regulatory requirements are used to manage a pregnancy where an occupational exposure is a likely to, or has already occurred. Coffee and a light continental breakfast will be provided for course registrants from 7:30 am–8:00 am.

After lunch, the afternoon Education course, Ethics and Ethical Implications, is designed to engage participants in the multitude of ethical issues surrounding birth defects research and practice. The course will introduce participants to fundamental ethical questions in research, then delve into emerging ethical conundrums facing researchers, clinicians and society including prenatal screening, preterm and small for gestational age babies, and assisted reproductive technologies and molecular eugenics.

The Education Courses require separate registration. If you would still like to register for either course on Saturday, please visit the registration desk, which opens at 7:00 am.

For more details about the Annual Meeting, visit the meeting website. Information about daily activities can be viewed via the Annual Meeting Blog.

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