Please Submit Teratology Society Officer Nominations by October 15

The Teratology Society Nominations and Elections Committee is developing a slate of candidates for the following positions: Vice President-Elect, Treasurer, and Councilor. We value your input and involvement in helping the Society identify qualified and interested candidates. Service of the elected candidates will begin after the June 2016 meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

If you or a member you know is interested in serving the Society please forward this information and your suggestion(s) and comments to John Rogers, Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee at or any member of the Committee (listed below).

This is your opportunity to take an active role in determining the Teratology Society's leadership. Help shape your Society's future by nominating candidates by October 15 for these leadership positions. Ideal candidates are those who are willing to commit the time, energy and creativity needed to shape the Society’s activities and direction.

Nominations and Elections Committee

John M. Rogers, PhD, Chair
Christina D. Chambers, PhD, MPH
Stephen B. Harris, PhD, FATS, FSB
Carolyn Kapron, PhD
Susan Bielmeier Laffan, PhD
Eias Zahalka, PhD, MBA, Past Chair



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