Welcome to our “Meet a Member” blog series!

Welcome to our “Meet a Member” blog series! 

In each installment of this new series, we'll be featuring a biographical sketch of one of our Teratology Society members highlighting his or her career path and other fun facts. The purpose of this series is to give student members (and regular members) more information about the walks of life our incredible individuals come from – giving YOU the opportunity to ask questions, seek words of wisdom, or witness how one career decision can unfold into another!

For this blog post, we invite you to comment below with things you’d like to see shared or even specific questions. We’re confident there is a member out there who will be able to point you in the right direction!

Regular, Associate and Emeritus Members, if you can think of things you wish you had known back when you were a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow, please post and/or if you’re willing to participate as a featured member by sharing your story – feel free to comment below as well!

If you think of topics/questions you’d like blogged about in the future (long after this post is active), please feel free to make suggestions via the Student & Postdoc Listserv by emailing stu.post@lists.teratology.org

Happy posting!


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