Submit Your Late-Breaking Abstract -- Submission Deadline June 6, 2016

The Late-Breaking Abstract submission deadline for the Teratology Society’s 56th Annual Meeting will soon be upon us. Whether you have new data to present or were unable to submit your abstract in February, you have the opportunity to submit an abstract for poster presentation during the 2016 meeting. Accepted late breaking abstracts will be assigned to either Poster Session 1 on Monday, June 27 or Poster Session 2 on Tuesday, June 28. The accepted late-breaking abstracts will be included in the online registration materials available to all attendees.

Remember to submit your abstract for the meeting by Thursday, June 6 in order to be considered for a poster presentation.

The meeting will be held June 25–29, 2016 in San Antonio, Texas. The theme for this year’s meeting is “New Horizons in Birth Defects Research.” The program offers an exciting variety of scientific sessions on topics including: exploring the link between Zika virus and microcephaly, increasing prevalence of gastroschisis, state of the art approaches to developmental toxicity testing, postmarketing assessment of drugs, current concepts in pregnancy registries, neurodevelopmental defects from fetal exposure to recreational drugs, new approaches for the treatment of birth defects,in vitro models of neurovascular development, depression and treatment during pregnancy, advances in placental research, concerns around genectically modified organisms (GMOs), science and public policy, monoclonal antibody drug testing across species, as well as original platform and poster presentations, and a student and postdoctoral career workshop.

We hope to see you in San Antonio this June.

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