Get Involved!

Why Should Students Get Involved?
             It is imperative that health science research is promoted among young students with fresh ideas, a motivated spirit, and a drive to bring this field into deeper cutting-edge waters. Health science, more specifically, teratology, is the study of birth defects; a field that is rapidly evolving and is exceptionally multidisciplinary. The Teratology Society provides an excellent medium for students and investigators to network together, ask questions, develop critical thinking, and broaden research skills in this fascinating field. Participating in the Teratology Society, giving a talk or presenting a poster, going to lectures, and inquiring about other investigators research provides an excellent basis to understanding what it takes to make a mark in the field. Being engaged, not only develops research skills, but also contributes to personal growth with the goal of becoming a well-rounded individual, skillfully and socially.

Ways to Participate in the Teratology Society Committees

                Students interested in making an impact on the Society’s current status and future direction may become members of various committees. The Society believes that injection of student opinion and information is essential to their overall growth and success and therefore is very welcoming and receptive to student members.

The following TS committees allow student members:

  • Website
  • Student Affairs
  • Constitution and Bylaws
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Membership
  • Nominations and Elections
  • Public Affairs
  • Publications


If you would like to join any of these committees please contact myself or the teratology society

We look forward to hearing from you!! 


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