Teratology Society Education Committee Offers Courses on Renal Development, Epigenetics, and Epidemiology at 2017 Annual Meeting - Register Now!

Each year, the Education Committee of the Teratology Society organizes the Education Courses offered at the Annual Meeting. As you make plans to attend the 57th Annual Meeting of the Teratology Society, please note the three Education Courses being offered this year.

Renal Development: Embryology, Renal Abnormalities and Teratogens, and Clinical Management and Treatment (Saturday, June 24  8:30 am—12:00 pm)

Congenital anomalies of the urinary tract, including the kidneys, are among some of the most common birth defects, and these abnormalities can present a number of serious health problems for infants and potential chronic concerns into adulthood. This course will begin with an overview of prenatal development of the urinary system. Then developmental abnormalities of the kidneys will be described, and examples will be given of teratogens that can induce renal defects, including what is known of the mechanisms through which they act. Finally, the potential for prenatal screening and interventions and postnatal treatment to address the consequences of renal anomalies will be discussed.

Epigenetics: A Primer (Saturday, June 24  1:30 pm—5:00 pm)

Epigenetic changes have been found to be important in myriad biological processes, and our understanding of epigenetic mechanisms and development of tools to study them have grown and evolved rapidly in recent years. This course will provide attendees with fundamental concepts of epigenetics and knowledge of recent relevant advances. First an overview of the concepts of epigenetics and epigenetic mechanisms will be provided. The second talk will discuss the role of non-coding RNAs in epigenetic mechanisms. The third presenter will discuss what is known about the potential for transgenerational inheritance of epigenetic changes and what questions remain unanswered. The final presentation will cover the functional consequences of epigenetic changes, with an emphasis on potentially beneficial and adverse effects.

Epidemiology: Basic Concepts, Study Designs, and Practical Applications (Tuesday, June 27  12:30 pm—2:30 pm)

This "lunch and learn" mini course will cover the basic concepts and study designs used in epidemiology.  In addition, practical applications of epidemiology techniques will be described, with a focus on their use in the study of birth defects.  While the course will be of interest to teratologists of all types, it will be designed to provide a basic introduction especially for those without direct experience in epidemiology.  Space is limited.  Lunch will be provided.

To register for the annual meeting and courses, please visit the annual meeting website at https://teratology.org/meetings/2017/.

2016-2017 Education Committee

Kimberly C. Brannen, PhD, Chair

Julia Y. Hui, PhD, Vice Chair

Sura Alwan, PhD

Amy L. Inselman, PhD

Belen Tornesi, DVM, MS

Amy Lavin Williams, PhD

Francis Fakoya, MD, PhD

Susan Bielmeier Laffan, PhD

Eduardo Rosa-Molinar, PhD

Caren Villano, PhD

Katrina Flores

Nelson Pace

Chris J Stodgell, PhD, Past Chair

Alan M. Hoberman, PhD, DABT, ATS, Vice President

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