BDR Editorial Board Structure Update and Call for Editor-in-Chief Applications

On May 24, a set of proposed changes to the Teratology Society Constitution and Bylaws was approved by the voting membership. The changes include a new structure for the editorial board of our journal, Birth Defects Research, including the establishment of an Editor-In-Chief position to join the three Editors in leading the unified journal. Specific roles and responsibilities of each position are outlined in the document: Birth Defect Research Editorial Board Roles and Responsibilities (January 1 2018 forward).

Council is working through the process of appointing the new Editor-in-Chief and Editors, with appointments taking effect January 1, 2018. The Editor Search Committee plays an important role in this process, reviewing and recommending candidates to Council. The Editor Search Committee has already reviewed applications and made recommendations regarding the three Editors and is now turning its attention to the appointment of the Editor-in-Chief. Members who wish to be considered for the Editor-In-Chief position should send a letter of interest and CV to Brian Enright, Chair of the Editor Search Committee, at, no later than Thursday, June 8. We hope to announce this appointment at our annual meeting in Denver next month.

Thank you.

Teratology Society Council

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