A Message from Michel Vekemans, Editor-in-Chief

Refereeing quality and speed are the most important factors attracting authors to publish in Birth Defects Research. I encourage you to submit your work and promise you a rapid and ethical review of your manuscripts. Our new editorial office, composed of editors Christina Chambers, John Rogers, and Michiko Watanabe, will conduct an efficient peer review process. Also, to manage this very important task we are assisted by associate editors Simon Conway, Richard Finnell, Jan Friedman, Robert Greene, and Gary Shaw and a prestigious editorial advisory board.

Having all of this scientific expertise and content under a single cover provides a leading forum for fruitful exchanges of scientific ideas in Birth Defects Research. As such, the journal represents Teratology as a genuine and dynamic interdisciplinary science.  I am confident that under the Teratology Society umbrella and with the wide international reach of the publisher Wiley, the number of Birth Defects Research readers will be increasingly large, and the potential for enhancing the discoverability of your work will be very high. Therefore, when considering journals for publication of your best teratology research, be sure to put Birth Defects Research on the top of your list.

Finally, I am very pleased to thank and to express my gratitude to both George Daston and Rocky Tuan who have contributed so much as editors of the journal. Under their editorship the journal continued to thrive successfully becoming a reference for us all.

Michel Vekemans  MD, PhD


Birth Defects Research

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